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Pub in the Park

Working with the Pub in the Park team, we were tasked to craft a brand that captures the dynamic ambiance of the festival in an engaging manner, while simultaneously establishing distinct identities for each location where Pub in the Park operates.

Pub in the Park sought a brand revitalization aimed at better connecting with their target demographic. The existing branding, characterized by its monochromatic palette, failed to convey the inclusive and lively atmosphere the establishment aspired to embody.

Celebrating everything there is to love about the glorious British pub; delicious food, award-winning chefs, epic live music, delicious drinks and above all else a fantastic time with friends and family.

Utilising a novel wordmark to embody a vibrant and lighthearted logo, aimed to engage diverse audiences with its playful charm. Simultaneously, prioritising versatility, ensuring seamless integration across various sub-brands within their portfolio.

Identity refreshed
Vibrant Colour Palette

For the exclusive VIP meal hosted in collaboration with the Aston Martin F1 team at the Monaco Grand Prix, Tom Kerridge's catering company, Lush, required printed collateral of the highest quality and sophistication to align with the prestigious event.

In honor of Tom Kerridge's 50th birthday, a bespoke art piece was commissioned. It features a meticulously hand-painted bicycle adorned with depictions of his notable achievements. 

Celebratory  Bike 

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